Field day was at the Lake Land Collage Vermilion AB. All stations were operating off grid and were powered by the stand alone solar power system project called CSI (Centre for sustainable Innovation) located just off highway #16 on Grid road 70 south end of the collage grounds.
Thanks go out to Don Henry VE6VAC for getting permission to operate from this location. Thanks also to the collage management for their permission to operate and to the staff for all their great work in getting the facility ready for this project.
Also a big thank you to the Lake Land Fire training centre for the use of the ladder truck. It made an awesome 60 foot temporary tower
It was great fun working with the staff and doing the event from their location.
Thank you to all the Amateurs that came out and took part in the event. Field Day is a great way to test our equipment and our ability to work under pressure and not always in the best of conditions. (Weather, etc) to get our stations working off grid in emergencies. It is also a fun, enjoyable way to spend a weekend playing Amateur Radio.

The following operators are in the featured picture: VE5CJB, VE5SPR, VE6LAH,VE6FRD,VE6BYN, VA6NJK, VE5JM & VE5FN who took the photo.

Thanks to FN for the pictures.
Joe Musgrave
EC. Sask/Alta Radio Club