( Canadian Forces Affiliate Radio System )

What is CFARS?

The Canadian Forces Affiliate Radio System (CFARS) is a program sponsored by National Defence Headquarters in which military installation, military unit/club and volunteer licensed Canadian Amateur Radio stations and operators participate and contribute to the aim of providing auxiliary communications on a local, national and international basis as an adjunct to existing military unit/club amateur radio communications.

A military CFARS station is a facility installed, operated and maintained by DND personnel.
A military unit/club amateur radio station is a certified Non-Public Funds radio station manned, operated and maintained by Industry Canada certified volunteer Amateur radio operators.
An individual affiliate radio station is a privately owned amateur radio station, certified by Industry Canada, and operated by an individual who is affiliated with the CFARS.

What is CFARS purpose?

The purpose of the CFARS network, both voice and data, is multifaceted but to keep it simple, it is intended to be a medium, to “pass traffic”. Regardless of the nature of the traffic, the system is meant to be a national information portal, committed to its role in providing support to DND and the Government of Canada. CFARS presently has several memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with various Canadian Government agencies, with more in progress. The system, operates regularly scheduled training nets Canada wide, in both voice and data. All members and eligible agencies are strongly encouraged to participate in these nets on a regular basis.

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