VE5RI Repeater Network

Sask Alta Radio Club  is the operator of a UHF repeater on a shared tower in the City of Lloydminster.  Callsign VE5YLL.  This machine is a modified MSR2000 kindly supplied by Ed VA6EF and retuned by Gerard VE5FF.  Installed by Bill VE5FN and Jim VA6NJK.

Bill working on Repeater

Frequency 444.725 + mhz.  It can be worked with a low power UHF handheld from anywhere in the city. This UHF repeater has IRLP access available if a 100Hz CTCSS tone is added to your transmit signal. The standard four digit address codes and 73 disconnect code can be used to activate IRLP.  See for further information.  Equipment is being readied to enable linking to the VHF system using DTMF commands. Default status will be unlinked.  More info here when it is ready to go.

Sask Alta Radio Club operates a multi repeater full time linked network including VE5RI (146.940-) near Lloydminster, VE6YVG (147.315+) at Vermilion, VE6RWC (145.290-) at Edgerton, VE6INN (147.345+) at Innisfree and VE6HDY (145.170-) at Hardisty.  Full Time link also to VE6SB (146.670-) operated by Lakeland Radio Club of Elk Point.  All repeaters require tone 123.0 hz.  These are linked through a UHF hub at Borradaile VE6BDL (449.075-).

We are presently (Sept 2017) in the process of expanding our network into  Sask with repeater at Englishman Lake near Hwy 3 and Hwy 21.

Repeater CallFrequencyToneLocation
VE6HDY145.170 -123Hardisty
VE6RWC145.290 -123Wainwright
VE6SB146.670 -123Elk Point
VE5RI146.940 -123Lloydminster
VE6YVG147.315 +123Vermillion
VE6INN147.345 +123Innisfree
VE6BDL449.075 -123Borrdaile


We have VE5RI repeater network setup with EchoLink. You can log in to connect to our repeater system

Coverage Map

The location of VE6RWC repeater was moved to Wainwright, AB. (Sept 2023). This is the updated map